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Having a little fin playing with your own feet? Don’t worry your not alone! Whenever I’m not looking at a gorgeous girl online I’m running my hands up and down my feet. It’s nowhere near as good as using your hands to touch a girl’s foot, but I guess it’s better than nothing. Sometimes you’ve got to go that extra mile to win a girl over, even if she is an escort! Believe it or not there’s loads of smoking hot escorts around with gorgeous bodies and the smoothest looking feet. These girls love roleplaying and there’s no shortage of them in your local area right now.

I know you guys are thinking “were the hell can I find them?” a good place to start would be taking a look around at the TER escort forum. Here you will find an almost endless amount of good information on escorts from people who actually use them. I’m a newcomer to using escort call girls as such I want to make sure I’m actually in the know before I use them and end up getting a bad experience.

The TER Forum has independent reviews of escorts and all the erotic reviews that you could wish for. Spending just a few short hours reading all the information could save you from making a mistake and that’s good enough for me. I don’t mind learning from others and if it helps me find an escort girl that likes having her feet touched, that’s all I can ask for.

You don’t need to take my word for it and I don’t expect you too. Just browse around and see for yourself. Once you’ve got what you came for you can take the next logical step and maybe organize a local escort to meet you for good foot fetish action.

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I’ve always wanted to hire an escort called Ivana, it isn’t because I like the name it’s because all the girls I’ve ever know that were called Ivana were totally hot! I think I proved this theory to be correct as it happens the call girl I had sent to my hotel room last night was in fact called Ivana. This www.extraklasse-escort.at was a natural stunner, she had such a gorgeous smile and such a smooth body on her. Her boobs were some of the best I’ve seen, she was just a beautiful girl in every possible way.

As I mentioned she came to my hotel room and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to arrange it. I’m not someone who uses escort services all the time, as such until last night I didn’t even know call girl could be sent directly to you like that. Ivana wanted to spend the entire night with me and I would have done it no problems at all. The only reason I didn’t is I had an early flight the next morning, she still made it worth my while though as her OWO is not something that I’ll soon forget!